All Good Things (2010)

You get the feeling that they too will be glad when All Good Things comes to an end…

A film that is best described as a dark and depressing. Or more accurately – just depressing. David Marks (Ryan Gosling) is a complicated and moody young man. When he was young, he watched his mother commit suicide and he has never trusted or liked his father. Both of these problems are carried over into his adult life. Now his father wants him to go into the family business – a profitable but unlawful property business. However David’s dream has always been to run a health food shop.

It’s a slow and murky film, which you constantly think is building up to something revelatory and for this reason you stick with it but sadly nothing that interesting ever happens. The best and brightest thing about this movie is easily Kirsten Dunst’s light presence as David’s wife Kathleen. Although even this singular ray of light is snuffed out eventually. Encouraging though at this point that the film does get a little more interesting. The pace of the story quickens as David begins to live life as a woman and he befriends his neighbour Malvern (Philip Baker Hall).

I feel like I have watched this so you don’t have to. Any subtle examination of David’s psyche and relationships achieved by the film are totally negated by just how boring, slow and depressing it all is. Avoid and if you saw this it at the cinema then I pity you.

Dull and turgid. 3/10


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