Mission Impossible : Ghost Protocol (2011)

A Mission Impossible movie wouldn’t be a Mission Impossible movie without Tom Cruise climbing up something.

I wasn’t expecting to like this but it’s actually a good film. I enjoyed the first Mission Impossible, thought the 2nd film was over-produced (blame John Woo with his doves and slow motion operatic sequences) and completely missed the third installment. So I can’t say how this, the fourth film compares to that movie but I can say that this is much improved over the 2nd film, while still not quite reaching the standard of the original.

Interestingly this also feels more like the the original 60s TV series than any of the previous films. Cruise has a team of agents supporting him and both the classic face masks and ‘double’ room trick are readily employed. Being less grounded in realism actually benefits the film and means it can take it’s self less seriously and get away with the type of outlandish stunts that the new James Bond or Jason Bourne would never be able to. Tom Cruise (as in Oblivion) is looking older now but again delivers that sparkly charismatic quality he is famous for. In his team of agents : Simon Pegg adds both humour and ineptitude to the mix, Paula Patton is able and beautiful, and Jeremy Renner always reminds me of the guy from Castle. You can see that too right?

To sum up a combination of over-the-top action, much needed humour, and preposterous deception. It’s enjoyable but loses points for being predictable and for not delivering anything particualy special or unexpected. Very impressive for the fourth film in the series though.



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