Mean Girls (2004)

Cady (Lindsay Lohan) looks on while Regina George (Rachel McAdams) makes a nasty phonecall.

One of my friends has been quoting from this film for years but I never know what she’s talking about. 2013 seemed like a good time to find out.

Cady Heron (Lindsay Lohan) is the new student at Evanston High. One of her new friends describes her as a potential ‘Grade-A Hottie’ and she is sent undercover to infiltrate ‘The Plastics’ – the school’s most exclusive clique. The Plastics are pretty but shallow mean girls headed by queen bee Regina Geroge (Rachel McAdams). As Cady puts it “I hate Regina, but I find myself wanting to impress her” and it isn’t long before the plan is in danger of backfiring as Cady begins to turn into a ‘Plastic’ herself…

This is not aimed at my demographic at all – the most likely audience would be a teenage girl – but it’s funny anyway which more than anything else is an indicator that this is a good film. It’s a smart comedy with a sharp script and overall story-arc excepted is anything but formulaic. It’s appeal is dented slightly by the teen audience being it’s primary target and this means that what could be sharper edges are instead smoothed in places. Lohan (slightly ironically) plays wholesome very well, and McAdams does a very good job as head bitch. While both Tina Fey (also the co-writer of the film) and Tim Meadows showcase their comic talent as the girls’ teachers

A smart well-written comedy which raises mostly smiles but there are a few big laughs too. 7/10


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