Grassroots (2012)

To underline the fact that he is a little unconventional Grant (Joel David Moore) occasionally wears a polar bear costume

A rarity in that here is a film that Jason Biggs is in that isn’t American Pie. All credit to him because he is very good in the role of Phil Campbell, a journalist who loses his job, and then becomes campaign manager for his slightly crazy but well-meaning friend Grant (Joel David Moore). Grant is running a one-issue political campaign in an ambitious attempt to get the Seattle monorail expanded.

Although not outstanding this is a good drama based on a true story. Grant steals most of the scenes as the crazy over-the-top funny and unpredictable one, while it’s Phil’s emotional story that gives the film it’s depth. He struggles with his conscience at having to rubbish the competent and likeable black incumbent Richard McIver (Cedric the Entertainer). However his satisfaction at running a successful campaign is tempered as at the same time his relationship with his long term girlfriend suffers.

I enjoyed this film, the ‘hook’ is that you hope Grant will get into power, as his craziness and passion begin to win him fanatical support, and this keeps you watching. It’s funny at times, is well observed, and there is good acting from all involved. It just lacks something which would  raise it above the level of a ‘nice drama’. A little bit too ordinary at times maybe. 6/10


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