Step Up 3 (2010)

The only time you would be happy to see a mad man with a gun show up and start firing indiscriminately.

Bad Points : This is shit. Imagine Step Up 2 castrated and with it’s dance sequences neutered, then throw in a couple of bland Twilight-style pretty boy male actors and a lead actress whose street-dancing skills aren’t up to scratch. Add to that zero-chemistry between the 2 main leads and you end up with a dull and lifeless sequel. Even the big dance scene at the end isn’t worth waiting for.

Extra Bad Point : The film truly sinks to a nadir when Moose (Adam Sevani) turns up late to a dance contest on his BMX, knocks over a couple of fire hydrants and one of the most embarrassing wet-dance scenes ever committed to film begins.

Good Point: The computer-controlled LEDs they wear for the final dance sequence *are* actually quite impressive.



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