American Pie : The Reunion (2012)

Jim (Jason Biggs), Finch, and Kev can’t help staring at Oz’s model girlfriend Mia.

It’s a fact that no one in their right mind dreams of a future where they are settled with a job, kids, and mortgage. But that’s what we end up with – if we’re lucky. For the rest of us it’s loneliness, illness or drug problems. I bet you’re glad you found my reviews!

There’s always that element of sadness with this film. The crazy, immature characters you knew 13 years ago have now (mostly) grown up, and have wives, kids and boring jobs. Just like you have or will have soon. Whatever happens on this high school reunion your know it’s only going to be a brief moment of fun, and then all too soon it will be back to the dullness of everyday life.

So thank god for Stifler (Seann William Scott) who is still the immature idiot he always was. It’s  thanks to his efforts that the reunion doesn’t go entirely to plan. After getting revenge on some kids on the beach : “I thought you were just going to steal their beer but you did a sh*t in their cooler box and trashed their jet-skis. Don’t you think that’s a bit extreme Stifler?”. Stifler’s answer : “But they splashed us!”. Jim (Jason Biggs, remember him?) revists his past by finding himself in yet more awkward and embarrassing situations. These usually involves him either being naked or half naked with similarly undressed women who are not his wife (Alyson Hannigan).

In fact this time around it’s all a little less extreme and more grown up but there’s real affection and warmth here too. That’s where American Pie was always superior to it’s rivals which easily managed to out gross-it but failed to define their characters as people you might actually like and care about.

At the end of the film of course the characters go back to their boring lives and so do we. They also kid themselves that they will meet up every year from now on. Hmm of course they will. Fun, yet predictable and with a little sadness and nostalgia thrown in. 6/10

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  1. CMrok93 said:

    Good review Rich. It was sort of sad to see some of these actors and how much in poor-shape they seem to be, however, I do have to say that it was cool to be back with them all. If they end it all here, I’ll be pleased, although I’ll miss them.

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