Project X (2012)

Things have gone very wrong by this point….

The film is about – and 50% of it is – a huge house party organised by 3 nerdy friends: Thomas (Thomas Mann), J.B.(Jonathan Daniel Brown) and standout comedy character Costa (Oliver Cooper). The plan is that by having a ‘legendary’ party they will become popular and in turn be able to ‘get’ girls they wouldnt normally be able to have.

Like many other films these days that intend to convey an element of realism – everything that’s shown is filmed from camcorders held by characters in the film. In a nod to this genre’s ridiculousness – the friend who does most of the filming has been intentionally made to not seem like a real character.  As usual you will find a door to a room left half-open just as 2 of the characters have a quiet conversation, or there will be a character with a camera coincidentally hiding in the bedroom wardrobe just as a couple are about to have sex. This is all for the sole purpose that these scenes can be filmed – and therefore seen by us.

The party although predictably ending up totally out of control is still grounded in reality. It’s not the gross-out, totally crazy style of film that you might expecting. This is a good thing, and adds a little more weight to the events that do happen. It does mean however that Project X doesn’t have the extreme drama or feature the hilarious situations that say a film like Superbad did. However it is funny in places and has a good soundtrack too.

Enjoyable but (ironically given the size of the party) not spectacular and sometimes it’s more of an experience than a film. 6/10

  1. I agree with you on the whole more like an experience than a film, nice review! Throw a party like this too yeah? 🙂

  2. richmov said:

    Thanks Liam, maybe one day – just not at my house 😉

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