The Rebound (2009)

“Hey! You caught us having sex, now you’ll have to wait at least another 20 minutes for something else interesting to happen.”

This is a romantic comedy but you can tell it’s really trying hard to be a bit edgy. There’s kids in it, but to avoid that horrible sickly-sweet feeling you get when you see perfect kids in a movie, here they talk about ‘penises’, ‘vaginas’, and their mom having sex. Not in a shocking way mind you – just in a toned-down romantic comedy style. So yes like all good romantic comedies it’s amusing without ever being properly funny.

On the romantic side, Justin Bartha seems a bit ineffectual and is not really a weighty enough partner for Catherine Zeta-Jones. Although that is kind of the point of the movie – she is dating a much younger guy, who has a lot less life experience than her –  the lack of proper chemistry and drama does mean you don’t really care that much about their relationship. They break up for a while and then it’s “Oh look they are getting back together, that’ll be nice for the kids”. It’s that kind of thing. If you got to the end of the film and they were still apart it really wouldn’t bother you that much.

The Rebound does deserve praise for at least trying to be different in it’s style – it’s a bit spikier, a bit less bland than most films of this type. So it’s a better-than-average romantic comedy but when judged against all other genres, that equates to an average 5/10


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