Chronicle (2012)

Steve (Michael B.Jordan) uses his psychic powers to slide a car across a parking lot.

If high school shootings weren’t a bad enough advert for troubled loner teens then along comes this film and adds to the anxiety. When 3 teenagers – a popular high school president, a likeable everyman, and a loner with an abusive father get super powers, you can probably guess which one will go renegade and start massacring people…

It’s a found-footage film – filmed from a couple of the character’s camcorders. I presume the main reason for doing this is to make it seem more real and hence more dramatic, but it doesn’t really work. I never at any point thought I was watching 3 real teenagers. The use of found-footage is becoming a little tired now. It was hard not to think the real reason for it’s use was that low-quality special effects are easily covered up when your camera is moving about all over the place or conveniently receiving interference from energy blasts.

Still this film is very enjoyable at times. It has a slightly unconventional feel to it which makes it feels different to many other films and this in turn makes it feel fresher. I did want the acting and character development to be better and the climax of the film, where one of the teens goes wild with his powers, made me roll my eyes just because it seemed so unnecessary. I think they could have made a much better film by keeping it lower-key at the end and focusing more on the emotional elements and maybe even have made the movie a story of redemption instead. Quite good though. 6/10


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