Chronicles Of Riddick (2004)

“Don’t make me say it again.. Pitch Black was not better.”

An action-sequel to the film Pitch Black. Although this isn’t as good or fresh as that film, the character of Riddick (Vin Diesel), a trained-killer is well suited to an action piece. He is again forced to play the reluctant hero and must battle against an alien race called The Necromongers who have invaded the planet he is currently on : Helion Prime.

It looks a little cheap and more often resembles a high budget episode of Star Trek : The Next Generation than a motion picture. However there is good action including a memorable scene where Riddick kills a prison guard with a teacup. Later in the film the prison planet of Crematoria is cleverly introduced which as well as adding variety also spares it from being set entirely on Helion Prime.

It is in this prison where Riddick is reunited with ‘Jack’ from Pitch Black (Alexa Davalos) who has now grown into a young woman called Kyra. The plot does have a few flaws, notably when the previously incredibly athletic Kyra struggles to climb a small mountain that most of the ordinary prisoners seem to manage with ease. But this is a good film overall. It is no Pitch Black but then it isn’t trying to be.



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