Oblivion (2013)

Jack Harper (Tom Cruise) taking a well-deserved break from his work. I’d advise not watching the trailer for this film since it spoils at least one plot twist…

Has Tom Cruise finally got old? He certainly looks thinner and more gaunt. Directors will be hoping  he hasn’t aged too much because he is one of the few remaining stars with genuine box office appeal (read : money-making ability). It’s also true that Cruise produces consistently good performances in almost every film he appears in and I’m pleased to say that’s the case here too.

The Story : It’s the year 2077 and Cruise plays Jack Harper a maintenence engineer left behind on Earth. There has been a huge war leaving the Moon smashed and the planet in ruins. The rest of Earth’s population is now on their way to Titan, one of Saturn’s moons. Harper’s job is to fix and repair the attack-drones which are used to defend what is left of the Earth’s infrastructure from the Scavs – the remanants of the invading alien force. Harper works with and is romantically involved with Vikki (Andrea Riseborough) his partner who is a communications officer and she assists him by providing intel and remote assistance on his missions.

I can’t really say much more without spoiling the film, but I can say that information soon comes to light that has Harper questioning himself, his mission, and later his whole existence. It’s very reminiscent of the Matrix or Inception in that new details are regularly given to you which make you reassess what’s gone before. Movies like this are very effective because you become much more closely involved with the story. There is also a strong emotional backstory with Vikki and a new female arrival which too adds a lot of depth to the film.

Its beautiful, well shot, and well-acted. Morgan Freeman is (again!) involved in a periphery role, and adds a little class to the film. The only bad point is that it would be very easy to ask questions about the plot such as ‘Well if that’s the case why didn’t this happen?’. In other words you can find plot holes if you want to. But if it got to the point where you were looking for them then you wouldn’t have been enjoying yourself anyway. Go and see it if you still can! 8/10

  1. CMrok93 said:

    Great review Rich. The story is stretched thin and at times simplistic, but is salvages somewhat by the performances. Although, I do have to say that Cruise gives this role his 100% effort to work. It does, but the rest of the movie doesn’t.

    • richmov said:

      thank you, yes one of those films I really enjoyed. but at the same time one you could easily tear apart if you really wanted to.

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