Alien Tornado (2012)

This picture slightly exaggerates the quality of the special effects in this film.

Well yes I only have myself to blame. In the film Bowfinger, Steve Martin unsucessfully pitches an idea for a film called ‘Chubby Rain’ in which aliens come down to Earth hidden in rain drops. The plot of this film is frighteningly similar – except here here the aliens use tornados.

However something much stranger appears to be going on with this production than just seasonally-unusual tornados. Such is the quality of acting on display, that it seems highly likely that the professional cast were all killed in some kind of accident and then replaced with some cheap stand-ins from the local amateur dramatic society.

Even more strange, for a film about aliens – sorry for the spoiler but you really shouldn’t watch this film anyway –  there are actually NO aliens in this film.

To summarise: B-Movie Plot, terrible acting, no aliens, and add to that –  it’s boring and has very cheap-looking special effects. 1/10


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