J. Edgar (2011)

Sorry Leonardo but you won’t win an Oscar for this one….

Does anyone actually go to watch these biographical films at the cinema? Even at home I thought twice before pressing the record button. But anyway here we go…

Leonardo DiCaprio is a good actor and although much older now, he still has that boyish, slightly effeminate quality which has never quite left him. My initial impression was that maybe his J. Edgar Hoover wasn’t masculine enough but then after learning more about the man as the film went on – his latent homosexuality, his unusually close relationship with his mother and the wearing of women’s clothes. Well, maybe he’s a better fit for the role than I initially thought.

The film switches back and forth between J.Edgar’s younger days before he was head of the FBI, to his twilight years as head of the Bureau. I did find it interesting, and the relationship between the FBI and the government is especially illuminating. However there is the feeling that the portrayal of J.Edgar just isn’t as well rounded as it could have been – the film just seems to focus on a few key aspects of his personality, and you never get the impression you are watching a real person.

Only watch this if the subject matter interests you or if you are interested in history in general. 5/10


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