Battleship (2012)

“Holy Shit, it’s on B2”,  “Are you sure, it might be A1?”,  “FFS Rihanna, just fire the gun!!”

OK lets try…

A5….. MISS! This film is based on the board game Battleship, and as a result the plot is one big contrivance to enable 3 alien naval(??) vessels to face off against 3 warships on a grid like structure.

B6…..MISS! Yes it is completely ridiculous.

D2…..HIT and MISS! Rihanna is in it and plays a weapons officer. She won a Golden Raspberry Award for her bad acting skills. The truth is her acting isn’t really that bad at all. It’s not good either but she certainly didn’t deserve that Razzie.

E3…..HIT! It’s very watchable.

H2…. HIT! Lieutenant Alex Hopper (Taylor Kitsch) is an engaging lead character with a train-wreck personailty. He gives the film a fresh edge. He also strongly resembles English footballer Michael Owen (who is not an engaging character)

5/10 Enjoyable, and a lot better than people will admit even if it does smell strongly of Transformers…


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