Against The Ropes (2004)

You’d expect a film where Meg Ryan licks excrement to be slightly less dull

This is based on the true story of Jackie Kallen (Meg Ryan) fighting for success and equal recognition in the male-dominated world of boxing promotion. By accident Jackie discovers young prospect Luther Shaw (Omar Epps) and as well as his promoter she becomes his emotional support, as she guides him to success.

It would be a interesting story if told well but I found it hard to get involved at any deep level. It lacks spark everywhere – the relationship between the characters, the script, the story, and the production values. Even worse for a boxing film, the fights lack drama and excitement. In style they are more realistic than Rocky but yet still fail to be at all like real boxing. Of course, they don’t have to be realistic to be good (as Rocky proves) but at least make them exciting in some way!

I actually assumed this was a TV film when i watched it partly because its very bland but also because TV films do quite often feature a woman fighting for something or other in a male-dominated world.

The sort of film, if it was on late – you’d watch half of, before heading up to bed.  4/10


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