Another Earth (2011)

How would you cope if you had killed an entire family?

A very arty film, with a sci-fi backstory. It begins on the night a second version of The Earth appears in the sky. Seventeen year old Rhoda (Brit Marling) while drunk driving hits a stationary car and kills a whole family. After leaving prision 4 years later she discovers that the father survived and she goes to find him….

The backstory is actually largely irrelevant as a science fiction piece and it’s really there to make you think how another you on another planet might have made different choices, or even would you have made the same ones? the same mistakes?

It’s a very good film in some ways –  especially adept at showing subtle displays of emotion, and lead actress Brit Marling is particularly good at this. The camera is actually on her face for most of the film and a lot of the time she isn’t saying anything. Slightly less skilled in this respect is fellow lead actor William Mapother who plays the father. He can sometimes comes across as slightly wooden and doesn’t always quite nail the intended emotion that a scene requires.

So a well made film, a little oppressive at times, and like many arty films not a lot tangible actually happens. Well chosen music adds extra emotion to many of the scenes and I will say that I did like the ending. Many art films are left open-ended but here an event occurs that answers at least some of the questions posed earlier in the film. It gets an average mark but actually it’s very good in some ways but then unfortunately below average in many others…shame  5/10


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