Planet Hulk (2010)

The view that 90% of the planet’s inhabitants see shortly before their death.

I was apprehensive about watching this since it’s an animation and I assumed it would be aimed at children, but actually it’s not bad at all. After a slightly dodgy opening where Hulk is exiled from Earth by some random superheroes, he finds himself on an alien planet. Here he is captured by the hostile inhabitants, and is forced to fight for his freedom alongside some other prisoners.

Hulk must take part in a series of arena battles and really this is a thinly disguised version of Gladiator, with Hulk taking the Russell Crowe role. That makes it sound terrible, but actually it’s made very enjoyable just by Hulk’s sheer rage. When you think he can’t get any more angry – he does – swelling in size and jumping inside a huge alien creature and ripping it apart from the inside.

There is an overarching plot which means Hulk and his ‘friends’ (Hulk doesn’t have friends) must ultimately help to overthrow the evil dictator (again more strains of Gladiator), but this is welcome because it means the film isn’t just about fighting. It also gives you a chance to get to know the personalities of some of the other characters, which adds some depth where Hulk’s surly personality cannot.

I was surprised I enjoyed this and I want to seek out more animations like this – although I doubt they will be as good. 7/10


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