Euro Trip (2004)

Euro Trip has a long cameo-list which includes Vinnie Jones, Matt Damon, Lucy Lawless, David Hasselhoff and Joanna Lumley

It’s hard to work out why Matt Damon and Vinnie Jones agreed to appear in this? I was going to ask the same question about Kristin Kreuk, but then it’s likely her career hasn’t been stellar since leaving Smallville. This is a teen comedy and it’s name makes it sound like a sequel of sorts to Road Trip (2000) but unfortunately it’s not of the same quality. Scotty (Scott Mechlowicz) is feeling down after splitting up with his long term girlfriend Fiona (Kreuk) but then realises his German pen friend who he has been writing to for years is not a guy called Mike but is actually a hot girl called ‘Mieke’. Deciding she could be ‘The One’ he sets off with some friends on a trip across Europe to to find her.

This is a strange film in that the director seems smart enough not to try and out-gross other teen films, and also smart enough to understand that English football team Manchester Utd are more supported outside Manchester than within it. But is yet somehow not smart enough to know that no matter what  ‘crazy’ and ridiculous situations you put your characters in, they will not be funny if your characters do not seem real or believable in the first place. I actually wanted to stop watching this film after 15 minutes, it was that bad. However I stayed watching because the film keeps getting better the longer it goes on, although unfortunately not to the point where it actually gets good! I smiled a couple of times, but never laughed, and with a comedy that has a story you don’t care about. That’s a big problem.  3/10


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