The Hangover Part II (2011)

This time the Wolf-Pack includes a monkey

I enjoyed the first Hangover film – it made a nice change having adults in that kind of film instead of horny teenagers. It was fresh and funny. This film however is a real disappointment. It’s basically the same film but this time instead of Las Vegas, the ‘Wolf-Pack’ are on a stag night in Bangkok, and yes they lose one of the group again, and again they have forgotten the previous night’s events. Mike Tyson again makes a cameo – last time it was amusing, this time it is cringeworthy. Rather than making something fresh, the film-makers have played it safe and made an identikit sequel. None of the events in this film particularly stand out, although there are some funny moments. It seems familiarity really does breed contempt. 5/10 very average


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