Underworld : Awakening (2012)

Underworld : Awakening was originally shown in 3D for it’s theatrical release

Vampire Selene (Kate Beckinsale) has woken up after 12 years to find her werewolf lover dead and that she now has a child.  It could almost be the next film in the Twilight series but no this is Underworld, it’s all serious with little emotion, and as if to emphasis this Kate Beckinsale walks everywhere *very* purposefully.  She must again battle with the Lycans and also this time, the humans who are now intent on wiping both races out. I wasn’t expecting this to be particularly good, and for the first 15 minutes it lived up to my expectations – not helped by the cheap-looking special effects. Then it got more interesting and I began to enjoy it as an action film. The acting is also of a fairly high standard. It has the feel of a Resident Evil film : you get the impression it was made for the fans rather than people new to the series, and like RE – the series shows no signs of dying. The fact that Selene now has a hybrid child Eve, indicates a reboot could be just around the corner with the young girl as the new hero. I’m giving this 6/10 –  enjoyable as an action film.


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