Batman Begins (2005)

Having watched the third Batman film last year and considered it one of the best films of 2012 – I actually found this to be a little disappointing. As an origins story, it’s necessarily on a smaller scale and less spectacular, but apart from that it’s just not as good a film. You also have to sit though the section where Bruce Wayne becomes Batman, hoping it will speed up a little at times. I do like Christian Bale as Batman but here his performance as an early Bruce Wayne is a little up and down to the point where his accent even slips at one point. (where was the director?) Most of the Batman sequences are spot-on although I felt having a nerve toxin as an ‘enemy’ reduced the dramatic possibilities somewhat and I also found many of the fight sequences were spoilt by over enthusiastic camera-cutting. The 2nd and 3rd films feel like films you can enjoy as Batman films *and* on an emotional level but this is really is a Batman film only. Watching it now, it’s a 5/10 film but I do remember liking it when it was first released so it gets a reluctant 6/10.


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