Clone (2010)

Mother (Eva Green) and son (Matt Smith) get uncomfortably close

This film is very arty. This artiness manifests itself as long lingering shots of clouds, sea and sky and also in long reaction-shots. You don’t just see what happens in a scene – you also see what happens before and after – even if nothing much happens at all. Perhaps all this is to give you extra time is to digest the story which involves Rebecca (Eve Green) giving birth to the clone of her dead boyfriend Tommy (Matt Smith). It’s an interesting idea and inevitably the borders between mother and lover become uncomfortably blurred. I enjoyed the start of this film, found the middle section a little boring, as it seemed to be there just to advance the story but then the final section captured my attention again. I did wonder if Tommy was really worth cloning at times seeing as he had become some kind of low life-protester in his first-life (only being a little judgemental here!) but i could at least see why Rebecca would want to clone him.  6/10  (Please note : this film was originally called Womb but renamed Clone for it’s DVD release)


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