The Book Of Eli (2010)

Eli (Denzel Washington) and Solera (Mila Kunis) are on a mission from God.

Another post-apocalyptic thriller (yawn), this is actually a bit better than your average one but then you’d expect Denzel Washington to read the script before agreeing to take part. It features an interesting idea where all the Bibles in the world have been destroyed. However some of the older people know of it’s power before the apocalypse: Carnegie (Gary Oldman) wants the book so he can use it as a weapon to control the poor and uneducated, and relentlessly pursues Eli (Denzel Washington) who is trying to carry the book to a place where it can be used to help people. It’s good because it gives you an opportunity to come down on either side – is religion a way to control the masses? or something good that gives everyone strength? It doesn’t feel like a great film, and the revelation at the end didn’t work for me at all, but it’s not bad 5/10


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