Shallow Hal (2001)

Unfortunately Shallow Hal is weighted on the non-funny side

This film makes me realise how hard it is to love fat people – especially ones who are full of self-pity, and who will tell you they don’t want to be fat while simultaneously stuffing a chicken leg into their mouth. Jack Black is shallow Hal who judges women solely on their looks but after he is hypnotised he sees them by their inner beauty instead. Unable to believe his luck he finds himself dating a woman who he sees as Gwyneth Paltrow – but in reality is a 23-stone monster version of Gwyneth Paltrow.  It’s not really funny so you end up watching it mainly for the story but like fat-people have been known to hide TV-remotes in their layers of flab this film does hide a couple of funny moments within it’s bulk.  A slightly below average 4/10


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