Jennifer’s Body (2009)

The film has a good soundtrack but strangely doesn’t feature ‘Jennifer’s Body’ by Hole…

1st Surprise: a film about a demonically possessed cheerleader is actually good. 2nd Surprise: for anyone who has seen the Transformers films, is that Megan Fox *can* act. This film really reminded me of The Lost Boys, just in the way it feels. It also features a similar kind of mild horror and comedy. However neither film is really about the horror you see on screen. The Lost Boys was about the fear of being new and trying to fit in and here it’s about the intensity of friendship, and the fear of being unable to control your desires. When you enjoy a film it’s hard to criticize it but I did find it strange that Jennifer (Megan Fox) didn’t try to slaughter the band who turned her into a demon in the first place. A special mention should go to Amanda Seyfried who ably plays Jennifer’s best friend Needy, and who actually has the more prominent role.  8/10


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