Never Let Me Go (2010)

This is a good film. Adapted from a Kazuo Ishiguro novel, it has the kind of depressing atmosphere you would only find in a British film – here taken to an extreme. The film is grey and bleak not just in tone but in appearance too. The quality of acting is very high with Andrew Garfield (The Social Network, Spiderman) and Carey Mulligan (previously seen in Wall Street 2) particularly standing out. It tells the story of clone-children who have been created and brought up solely so that their internal organs can be used to keep normal people alive. However these ‘clones’ act and feel just like normal people, they share the same loves, desires and aspirations. This film disturbed me a little because I am not a big fan of hospitals and the thought of gradually losing your internal organs and trying to keep living was not a pleasant one. Imagining that and the fact that the clones have been brought up to see this as normal – they don’t try to escape – it doesn’t make you feel good. Overall well-acted, very depressing , but it will stay with you. 7/10


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